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Things are happening in these Smash Bros. screens ⊟

Nintendo sent me a 1.1 GB folder of BMP files today. Yes, one point one U.S. gigabytes of bitmap files. That collection of images includes 200+ screens of the new Smash Bros. game. Since Tumblr’s gallery only lets me upload ten at a time, here are the ones I found most amusing from the 3DS version.

Most of them are odd Luigi shots because there are an inordinate amount of these images in the batch. The others are just weird/un images I found. King Dedede looks like he just witnessed something he can’t unsee.

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Pulled a fast one on us 6 year-olds, Disney.

Credit Unknown


I’m sure most of you are now aware of the recent debate which has been enveloping the 40k fandom and causing a not-inconsiderable amount of friction. The issue in question is a noble one, but also an delicate one; whether females should be of greater prominence in the 40k universe - both in the…


ROLL OUT, GUYS by Inkary on DeviantArt.

Line art by Cronevald.

2 years passed (the site says it was submitted on 15th of February, 2012) since I made this colorization, but I guess I still can’t outdo myself on it.


Salamanders Legion Pyroclasts.

Just when I went for deathwatch…


1.Thou shalt not refer to the Adeptus Soritas as “Bolter Biatches” nor shalt thou go anywhere near our sisters during the time of the “Red Rage,” lest thou wishes to be the first human to enter orbit without the aid of a shuttle.

2. Orks are not “cute.”
3. Thou shalt not make jokes about the…


Ventarael of Blood Angels by Inkary on DeviantArt.

No golden nipples for you.